E-Property Pass Book EPPB Whatsapp Message on Benami Properties

By | February 14, 2018

E-Property Pass Book EPPB Whatsapp Message on Benami Properties by Modi Govt. in India – Authentic or FAKE News?

There is a Whatsapp message around the launch of the EPPB (E-Property Pass Book) to limit Benami Properties by Modi Government. If this message is authentic or FAKE News?

According to news in Whatsapp and other social media, the government will not allow any property registration unless the property exists in EPPB (E-Property Pass Book). Each Indian citizen will have to submit his ownership details wef. April 1, 2018 at the Deputy Clerk ‘s office, where agents will verify the property and enter it in the Ownership Passage Book E (EPPB). The duration of this process will be from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018. The government will purchase all properties that are not listed in the EPPB after 31.03.2018. People can sell, buy or trade only goods that are reflected in the EPPB (E-Property Pass Book). EPPB (E-Property Pass Book) will also be linked to PAN and Aadhar so people can not evade tax once they sell their property.

The message mentioned below was not declared by any government official on November 14, 2018. This may be a SPAM message. There are no genuine reports from the government.

Message from WhatsApp:

From 1/4/2018 all properties are invalid for one year.

You can not sell or buy any property before registering your properties in the E-Property property book.

EPPB will be linked with PAN, Aadhar online.

The owner must personally report proof of ownership to the office of the registrar sub-office where the special agents will enter all the details of your property in EPPB.

Once entered in EPPB, your properties will become yours.

They will have a more splendid counter for emergency sellers, mortgages, buyers where they can trade properties, but with full details of all properties.

Until 31/3/2018 all properties will be entered in EPPB.

From 1/4/2018 Govt will take over properties not listed in EPPB.

Real Estate Surgical Strike on Black Assets!

However, this may not be entirely false. It was recommended earlier by the BJP government in 2018. If EPPB is implemented, it will be a good measure to further reduce black money. Although the infrastructure may not be equipped to handle this currently, yet the EPPB (E-Property Pass Book) could very well be implemented in the way Demonetization has been implemented. If the EPPB (E-Property Pass Book) is implemented, a large number of emptied land will be released by the government. This will give a blow to the land mafia and people who have made such a large amount of real estate with black money.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on 13 November 2018:

“This government does not want to disturb honest people, but does not want to spare dishonest people. Bear with me for 50 days. Has India been looted or not? … .. I will not stop there. I will expose the story of the corruption of 70 years since independence, “said Modi.” This (demonetization) is not an end. I have more projects in mind to make India without corruption. …. We will take action against ‘benami’ property. This is a major step to eradicate corruption and black money … If any money that has been plundered in India and has left the Indian shores, it is our duty to know, “he said In his speeches, in Panaji to Goa and Belagavi Karnataka.

The government has said several times that the Benaami Properties will soon be in trouble. The Benami (prohibition) Amendment Act of 2018, designed to curb black money, was passed by Parliament in August 2018 and entered into force on 1 November 2018.

The Benami Transition Amendment Act of 2018 (prohibition) is an amendment to the Benami Transactions Act 1488. The new law provides for up to seven years ‘imprisonment and a fine for those who engage in such dealings, while the 1488 Benami Transactions Act provided for up to three years’ imprisonment or a fine or both.

The 14th episode of Mann ki Baat would be November 14, 2018. PM, Shri Narendra Modi could announce something great like EPPB E-Property Pass Book Scheme.

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