HUDA to Auction Plots Online in 20,000 Sites from November

By | February 13, 2018

HUDA to Auction Plots Online in 20,000 Sites from November

Haryana Urban Development Authority has developed plans for the auction of commercial, residential and institutional locations in Gurgaon City over the next four months. The agency has identified the sites, for which auction will be held online in a phased manner.

In November, the online sale of parcels will be held every Tuesday in Gurgaon. The agency organizes similar sales over the state, but on different days.

For participate in the auction, interested parties have to register on the website to register. The online auction of real estate is part of the country-wide sale of residential and commercial space that Huda has planned according to instructions from Haryana Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. The state municipal authority is facing a serious financial crisis and the state government wants to monetize it
his capital.

About 30 parcels to sell daily in various urban goods According to the source, some 20,000 locations in the state and the agency was specifically identified.

Once a cash-rich agency, Huda is now fighting to pay his contractors. The recent decision of the Gurgaon Development Authority is also a setback for the municipal authority, as it is to be the developer of the city loses its premium role.

Yashpal Yadav, the administrator of Huda said that there is an upturn in the Gurgaon up reaction from the buyer on properties. The agency has made a detailed list of residential and commercial properties offered for sale. The strategy that we have adopted is initially to take in a sector characteristics, perform the development work removal remove and then auction assets.

The reason for this approach is that the buyers have communicated to Huda that they would prefer properties in areas where infrastructure is completed.

Yadav’s confidence in its location to sell three to four locations every week is evident from the response from the investors during the recent sales of websites that generated sales of over Rs. 135 crore. According to some officials, it is also likely that the buyers of the new plots would not cost the buyers any enhancement charges that sometimes add to the land cost.


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