Jodhpur Development Authority to Launch 5,000 Plots in Mokalwas Jodhpur

By | February 14, 2018

Jodhpur Development Authority to Launch 5,000 Plots in Mokalwas Jodhpur

In the situation of financial crunches, Jodhpur Development Authority plans to launch a housing plan for the allocation of 5,000 residential lots in Mokalwas Jodhpur. This would be one of the largest housing schemes of JDA Jodhpur. Earlier in Vivek Vihar Yojana, the authority had launched a housing scheme for 06,713 plots.

The program is expected to be launched early in the new year 2018. Recently, JDA officer Mahendra Pratap Rathor organized a meeting of JDA officials to finalize the plan. Two days earlier, the officers were directed to stimulate the work for the launch of the system for 5,000 plots.

This would be the third housing project located in Jaisalmer Raod. Prior to this, the authority launched Arna and Jharna Vihar Yojana at the same location of Jaisalmer Road. The authority is designing a layout of the schema for which JDA Jodhpur takes the help of JDA Jaipur.

This would be the first JDA scheme in which plots would be available for all categories. With farm houses, villas and bungalows, the scheme will offer small plots. The hilly areas located nearby will also be the development in which the large sizes of the plots would be formed. According to information, JDA will earn a profit of Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 2.0 crore from this scheme which would further strengthen the development work of the region.

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