PM Awas Yojana: 11,299 Beneficiaries Selected from Barabanki District

PM Awas Yojana: 11,299 Beneficiaries Selected from Barabanki District

In order to provide housing for the whole country around 11,299 eligible beneficiaries are selected in a district of Barabanki under PM Awas Yojana. These selected beneficiaries are likely to receive their housing during the current year. The ministry also audited these selected beneficiaries. The amount should be credited in the accounts of the beneficiaries to build houses in the first week of December.

The 90-day salary for housing construction under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) will be given by MGNREGA. Beneficiaries do not need to pay. In addition, beneficiaries will receive free toilets of Rs.12,000. The action of providing housing under PMAY is happening quickly. Before that under IAY beneficiaries received Rs 75 thousand. Now with the name change also the amount has been increased. Now the beneficiaries will be given Rs.1.20 lakh to build their dwelling. The accommodation will include veranda, kitchen and bedroom.

The list of beneficiaries has been prepared by Internet. There are 40-50 beneficiaries under each district panchayat gram. 70,588 beneficiaries chose 1169 grams panchayats. Eligibility was based on 13 points. Those who have a two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicle, a tractor and farm equipment, government jobs, registered a business or are an income tax beneficiary, a professional taxpayer, who uses the telephone Are not considered to be eligible persons. If he has a refrigerator in the house, do not fit in the eligibility field. In addition to this, people who have 2.5 acre acre, 5 acre acre, has irrigation instruments are not considered eligible.

Indira Awas was established on the basis of the GLP list established in 2002. Eligibility for the GLP list was abolished. From now on, beneficiaries have been selected on the basis of the 2011 social and economic census.

The beneficiaries were selected for 11,299 housing units in the Barabanki district under PM Awas Yojana. The amount is likely to credit in accounts by next month.

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